Have you been searching for tools that can truly transform your child's mindset & results?

Just like you, the team at Tribe Within value our families and want each of our kids to live their very best life. We have designed resources that will help you to…

Easily navigate BIG conversations with a clear framework & transform your family communications.

Empower your kids with the ultimate foundation for mental resilience & emotional intelligence.

Engage your kids in ongoing self-mastery strategies while addressing relevant social challenges.

Our TOP SELLING solutions

We recommend these TOP SELLERS to empower your family quickly & effectively!

Masterclass The Tribe Triad System for power parenting. Mental Health Professional Approved

This is a fast-track for grown-ups to learn about the Tribe Triad System & enables your family to start using it immediately!

The Secret to Communicating with Kids Masterclass will teach you the MOST SIMPLE form of practical psychology!

Tribe me is a fun, animated online course designed to empower your kids with emotional intelligence in a totally unique way!

The Tribe Triad System enables your whole family to transform the way you manage your thoughts & emotions to live fulfilled lives!

Our RISE membership program provides personal growth training to help your kids develop lifelong mental resilience skills.

Monthly mini-courses focus on relevant social challenges that kids of today are facing, underpinned with self-mastery strategies!

We've made taking control of your child's mental health EASY & FUN for all involved!

Our tools have been reviewed and praised by teachers, mental health professionals & social workers.

We’ve had parents telling us how we’ve impacted their family in ways they didn’t expect – like no more anxiety, closer bonds and real connection.